What Is Street Team Distribution

What is Street Team Distribution?

Street team distribution is a relatively new way of advertising. It involves a group of people promoting products and services. Street team distribution is considered to be one of the cheapest ways of conducting a marketing campaign. Therefore, it is commonly used by smaller businesses. While street team distribution often includes more traditional approaches like handing out flyers, many companies provide a variety of alternative and original methods of promoting a product. Let’s overview some of the most popular ones.

Product Sampling

As seen in the title, this method consists of offering people samples of the product that is being advertised. It’s quite efficient since it lets potential customers try a product out right here and right now without having to buy it. A lot of people tend to stick with their trusted brands and companies, and by launching such a campaign, one can easily persuade the audience to switch to a new brand or company.

Flash Mob

This way of street team distribution involves a group of people performing various stunts, dances, songs, etc., while wearing something that resembles the advertised brand. This is done with the purpose of making people remember a product in an unusual way and creating positive associations with it.

Experiential Marketing

This type of street team marketing includes a group of people that organises various interactive games, contests and other activities and engages people in an entertaining manner. This helps form a positive image of a brand or a company and ultimately get more customers.