Street Team Distribution

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A street team is a term that is used in marketing to describe a group of people who are promoting an event, product or a service. Those people are called ‘Street Teamers’

Their main purpose is to spread the word about you. They are a low cost way to increase visibility.

Street team can be used for different purposes.

What they do?

They can convince people to buy a product.

They visit Advertising & Marketing Agencies, Public Relations Firms, Media Brokers, TV & Radio Stations, Manufacturers, Health & Wellness Service Providers, Entrepreneurs, Brick & Mortar Stores.

If you use active marketing tactics like hand to hand flyers and sampling then you will have the benefit of personal interaction and community engagement. So, street teamers have a list of upcoming shows in the region and they go there and distribute fliers.

It’s very important to teach the street team to make eye contact and have something to say while they’re promoting your product. They have to make their presence known.

The street team must know the rule of three.

So we all know that an average person needs to see an image at least three times before they’ll remember it. So they should put the posters up all over town, hand out flyers and also you can print up some stickers that will be slapped by the street team everywhere.

In most cases street teams consist of everyday people that are either hired by small marketing companies or they are strictly just volunteers.

How the message is relayed?

The most important factor is that the message is out there and leaving an impression on people.

Street teams go through a stringent process of training, testing, face-to-face interviews, role-playing and briefing.

Street teamers are a group of hard working, professional and polite door to door flyer distributors.

How do they distribute?

Target Audience

First they need to know who your ideal client is, so they will know the target audience.


Based on the ideal client and the areas your business covers, they will recommend you the most appropriate locations.


The chosen location is combined with the budget in order to establish the right quantity for your business.

Type of distribution

There are two types of distribution: shared or solus distribution.



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