How to Raise Brand Awareness through Door to Door Distribution

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How to Raise Awareness, what it is, and how does it benefit you?

Raising awareness allows your company to become a common option when it comes to people deciding which business to go for. Let’s say, for the sake of argument, that you are an independent estate agent. Naturally, people may think about the bigger companies such as Foxtons, Fine & Country etc. when deciding on who to buy their house with, now, this is where raising your brand awareness comes into play. If your focus is North London, your leaflet drops need to be spread out across the entirety of North London, including a promotional offer, or something that would make the potential customers flock to your business. Once you have done this, you have ingrained your company into the minds of those who are looking to purchase or rent houses, now you’ve raised your brand awareness, and have a huge line of potential clients who may be calling your business in the near future, which is a direct example of how you have used leafleting to raise awareness.


What is Door to Door Distribution?

Door To Door Distribution is an offline marketing service that specialises in distributing leaflets, flyers and business cards of varying sizes. This service is for clients who want to make the most of their distribution campaign, allowing you to decide where you want your campaign to be, including specific roads and varying postcodes, it’s entirely up to you!

This also contributes to maximising your door to door response which in turn allows your business to raise awareness. Leaflet campaigns often increase your response rate as well as being cost effective advertising.  By using door to door marketing, it will help improve how well known your product/business or event is. This service is able to raise brand awareness and sales almost immediately which therefore conducts a good door to door response.


When using door to door there are elements you have to consider:

–  Would you like a solus or shared distribution?

Solus – Your flyer is distributed alone, no other material from any company will go through the letterbox. Also, the campaign runs on your own schedule, so you won’t have to wait for any other leaflets or flyers to be prepared. Solus also allows your leaflets to be distributed exactly when you want them to, there’s no waiting time for us to pair them up!

Shared – Your flyer will be distributed alongside two other leaflets, this may take up to two weeks to organise as it means that we’d have to find other leaflets to match the area in which you’re looking to distribute in.

Both of these options are effective ways to build up brand recognition over time.


Brands often build profit from:

  • Trust – people must trust in the brand/sales person.
  • Passion
  • Community

Using this direct selling method allows you to earn the consumer’s loyalty whilst building trust in a meaningful way.


Advantages about door to door distribution:

1. 50% cheaper than using other forms of marketing campaigns.

2. People are far more likely to read the ‘door hanger’ rather than direct mail.

3. Response rates are higher and quicker.

4. Clients are able to know exactly when and where their ‘door hangers’ were delivered.

5. Delivery campaigns are the most economical and effective form of advertising to local markets and local consumers.


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