Letterbox Marketing

Have you ever asked yourself who are the biggest users of letterbox drops ?

Our recent research had shown that retailers are the biggest users of letterbox drops. They know how powerful home catalogues can be.

Other forms of advertising through the letterbox that are cost effective include personally addressed and unaddressed direct mail.

The most preferred method of receiving marketing information from local businesses is unaddressed mail (such as flyers/leaflets).

What is Door Drop Marketing?

Door Drop Marketing is anything that comes through the letterbox in some form of advertising, promotion or informative literature. This include leaflets, brochures, coupons and free product samples. People can target exactly who they want to see the advertising by choosing the area and categories of housing.

Door Drop Marketing is used by everyone. Retail companies, grocery stores, financial and mail order companies, government and local authorities are just a few of them. They can be used for advertising special offers or events or general information such as a new store opening with the opening times.

People may be interested in something which they don’t realize until it is in front of them. Seeing special offers that will save them money on something they buy anyway does work.

Shared Distribution is the most popular and cost effective way of getting your message through the letterbox.  The item is delivered with the local free newspaper. Those newspapers are the most trusted information sources available to the public so this means that your message will always be well received.

Team Distribution is a network of independent deliverers who can deliver items away from the constraints of the free newspaper. This is useful for unusual sized or shaped items and particularly large or heavy items or those with very specific targeting requirements.