Leaflet Distribution

What is Leaflet Distribution

Leaflet distribution/ door drop (variously known as Door Drop Marketing and or Letterbox Marketing) is an economical way of getting your advertising products (i.e. flyers/leaflets) directly to the hands of prospective consumers through door to door letterbox delivery.

Leaflet distribution is a very reliable approach of getting a message directly to a market. Leaflet distribution positions a message into the hands or letterboxes of a target market. It is a very popular type of marketing that is specifically reliable for promoting services or products that are specific to specific areas or demographics, but promoting requires a lot of money, you can always buy a business loan from The process of getting the leaflets out is fairly basic. The leaflets or leaflets are provided by hand to addresses that are provided or alternatively are provided by hand to people walking down a street.

Additionally, if your promotional materials can fit through a letterbox, there is really no limit to who you can reach with your sample, pamphlet, directory or brochure.