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7 things to think about when designing a leaflet

  • Decide what you want to achieve. The first step in any planning process is to determine the goals of your brochure.
  • Know how to fold a brochure.
  • Examine your copy.
  • Select your fonts.
  • Know what kind of paper you're using and how it's coated.
  • Make use of high-resolution images.
  • Include a call-to-action in your message.

You may utilise direct mail to drive online visitors to your website and, as a result, purchases. This is an often-overlooked reality. On their pamphlets and posters, some firms will add a QR code. The individual who scans the code will be directed to the company's website. This allows businesses to increase sales by offering customers a coupon, a first-time customer discount, or a limited-time offer that can only be accessed by scanning the QR code. This same strategy is also effective in driving followers to a company’s Instagram or Facebook profile.

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