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If done effectively, leaflet distribution can be a successful marketing tool that generates leads and sales for practically any business. According to industry research, 48 percent of customers respond to leaflet advertisements, with 79 percent of recipients keeping the flyer, passing it on to someone else, or skimming the contents.

Is there a promotion going on at, say, your restaurant? Do you want people to know that you're offering a special deal on a product or service? Then a leaflet can assist you in spreading the message! Who doesn't appreciate a freebie? With a whopping 79 percent of consumers looking at leaflets or passing them on to someone they know, the chances are good that your target clients will notice your promos!

Your business can utilise flyers to outline the advantages of their service or product and receive rapid feedback. Between the consumer and the marketer, there is a face-to-face customer encounter. This allows the organisation to easily determine how customers are reacting to their service or product. This aids businesses in raising the quality of their service delivery to a level that fulfils the needs of their customers.

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