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Despite the increased popularity of digital marketing, individuals still place a high value on printed goods and information, particularly if they appear professional. Even while having a strong internet presence is critical for your business to reach a worldwide market, focused marketing via free flyers printed works wonders at converting potential clients. It's also a lot easier than attempting to build a name for yourself in the online ether, where thousands of businesses are vying for the top rankings, particularly on Google and Bing. At 28.4 percent, the Loxford ward of the London Borough of Redbridge has one of the biggest populations of Pakistani descent in London, making it the ward's largest ethnic community. Indians (15.6 percent), Other Asians (10.4 percent), and White British were the next largest ethnic groupings in the 2011 census (10.2 percent). In the 2011 census, the most common religion in Loxford was Islam, which was practised by 46 percent of the inhabitants. Christianity (24.5 percent) and Sikhism came in second and third, respectively (5.6 percent). Reach the Pakistani demographic and the Islamic community using ASA Distribution’s premier pamphlet distribution service.

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