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A flyer, unlike an email, is a tactile reminder of your business that can be forgotten, disregarded, or destroyed. It's on your counter, coffee table, or desk, so it's more likely to catch people's attention and remind them of your business. They have the ability to touch a flyer, leaving a lasting impression.

Leaflets are quite inexpensive to distribute when compared to other forms of advertising. They require a small budget while keeping excellent quality. They are far less costly than catalogues.

Leaflets can be printed in huge quantities for a low cost. All of the important information about the firm can be contained on two or even one page. It is one of the most cost-effective forms of advertising.

Most marketing and advertising campaigns are concerned about their ability to reach and engage with their target audience. If the intended message does not reach the intended audience, time, money, and resources are squandered. The nicest thing about leaflet advertising is that it allows you to get your message directly to a potential customer's hand or doorway.

Even if some consumers may throw away the flyers, they can retain some knowledge about the brand or business even if they only hold it for a few seconds. Leaflets can be distributed anywhere, meaning you can place them in locations you expect your target audience to be.

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