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Leaflet distribution is an important aspect of any marketing campaign, whether you're a little business, a major corporation, a startup, or even a charity. It can help you build brand awareness, increase internet traffic, and enhance foot traffic to your store (such as cafes, restaurants and shops).

A leaflet campaign is less expensive and seems more "hands on" than an Internet campaign, where it might be difficult to tell how much work has gone into the marketing and where your money has gone! When it comes to price, the leaflet comes out on top when compared to things like:

  • Costs of landing pages
  • Costs of online advertising
  • Costs of online design

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Long before the city of Hereford existed, a monastic community was formed at Castle Green approximately AD 550. The monastery may have been built near St Ethelbert's Well, a spring whose waters were reputed to have miraculous healing powers. The monastery had become a religious centre by the middle of the seventh century.

St Guthlac, an East Anglian hermit who died in AD 715, was afterwards commemorated at the location. The monastery had tight relations to the Mercian royal line, which elevated St Guthlac's monastery even further.

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