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Leaflets can supplement any existing advertising in magazines, radio, newspapers, and bush shelters, for example. A well-timed leaflet can supplement other forms of promotion and help move a campaign from brand awareness to direct reaction, bringing in new clients. Leaflets, unlike certain other types of advertising, can be perused at the consumer's leisure. If they're saved, they'll be referred to again and again.

Combining a print campaign with digital advertising can help both channels perform better. People nowadays prefer to 'check you out' online before contacting you. This means that leaflet distribution can complement your digital marketing efforts in order to promote your online channels and bridge the gap between print and digital.

We offer free, unbiased counsel and support; we're here because you're here, and your success is our success. With this in mind, we provide customised advice and support to meet your direct marketing requirements. Your leaflets are guaranteed! If there is any wastage or wrong deliveries, we will reproduce and redistribute them.

To do so, include your social media channels on your leaflet along with a description of the benefits of connecting. Another strategy to use print to aid your digital marketing efforts is to provide an offer and direct customers to an online high-value lead magnet.

Our distributors take pride in a job well done; for leaflet distribution in Bendish please contact us today on +44 (0) 333 344 9456 | +44 (0) 207 923 35 35 for a quotation.

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