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While the benefits of leaflet or flyer advertising have been mentioned above, you must ensure that your plan of action and materials are up to par, just like you would with a digital campaign. A poorly designed leaflet is likely to be thrown away before it is even read, and poor targeting will also yield poor results.

As a result, investing time and effort into knowing your customer personas and target demographic is worthwhile. If you're delivering a service that exclusively benefits homeowners, it's pointless to distribute your papers in an area where the majority of people rent. Alternatively, if your flyer does not provide clear information about your product or service, it is unlikely to be seen.

The positive emotional reaction to printed mail leads consumers to remember the physical ads better, which has an extended impact for easy recall when purchasing. Although nowadays we receive so much more information through the internet and the digital media the information from digital media has proven to be not so convincing than when you see the information in your favourite printed publication.

The Albury Estate Fisheries Club offers fishing in the stocked Albury Estate ponds in Weston, Vale End, Albury Park, and Powder Mills, Chilworth.

Albury Cricket Club plays in Albury Heath, which is adjacent to Albury Eagles FC and is near to Albury and Little London in Sandy Lane. The two clubs share a social calendar. There are multiple U16, U13, and U9 teams at the football club. The cricket club attracts many tourists to the area; reach them using ASA Distribution!

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