Flyer design a comprehensive guide

What makes a great flyer design? A comprehensive guide by ASA.

Conducting a good flyer marketing campaign isn’t easy. There are a lot of things to be considered.

Here are some of the most effective ways to perfect your flyer design:

Keep It Brief

You’ll need to keep it brief by not including too much information as the reader/consumer would prefer an invitational look rather than massive blocks of writing.

Be Organised

It is best to keep your information organised by using boxes, borders and contrasting colours in certain areas.

Captive Headline

You should use a catchy headline and make sure to highlight titles and subtitles in bold or underlined.

Use Caps Correctly

Make sure you don’t use ALL CAPS as the reader/consumer may find it hard to read.

Illustrate Benefits Clearly

Have some positive aspects in your flyer. You could do this by listing the benefits.

Research the Competition

BEAT THE COMPETITION. You should have a look at other companies doing the same thing so you can get a clear understanding of what’s expected to make a good leaflet.

Proof Read

It is very important to proofread as mistakes can be very off putting for a customer.

Clear Contact Details

Contact details are a must! Include a call to action.

Consider Offering Special Offers

Highlighting special deals and offers is a very big aspect as this is one the reasons customers will want to use YOUR company. Even offer a discount or special limited time price.

Know your Target Audience

Knowing your audience is very important as this helps you to create your flyer. You’ll be able to know if you should be very formal or could get away with being slightly informal, whilst keeping a professional side.

Be Relevant

Use ONLY relevant information.

Be Objective

Put yourself in your customer’s shoes. Would you like this leaflet? Is it eye catching? Too many words? Invitational feel?

Direct Communication

Use the word ‘YOU’.


Personal and clean content.

Main Focus

Focus on the benefits on your product service.

Double Or Single Sided Leaflets

You have to consider if you would like double or single sided leaflets?

Consider The Weight:

The weight of your flyer will need to be considered. 250/300gsm (thick paper) is ideal and gets a better response quality whilst maximising your door to door distribution.

Target Market:

It is vital to define your client base.

Those really set to the mood of your flyer as well as engage people.

Focus on your target group, by doing so you’ll spend less money on the campaign itself as

well as gaining more clients.


No need to start big. It’s best to start small, begin will a small amount of flyers.

Collect the results from your campaign and ask yourself some questions e.g.

– How many flyers were distributed?

– How many new clients did you get?

Then you should find things to improve on as this will be important for your next campaign

and should hopefully gain even more clients and create brand awareness as well as

conducting a good door to door response.