NHS Islington

Clinical commissioning groups have a wide range of responsibilities. Formerly called NHS Islington, or the Primary Care Trust - PCT, Islington Clinical Commissioning Group is responsible for all primary and community healthcare services for the London Borough of Islington. Primary care consists of pharmacists, dentists, opticians and family doctors.


NHS Islington Vision

To raise the quality of health services and fully realise the potential of Transforming Primary Care, a 3-5 year programme of understanding preferences, changing attitudes and behaviours. This will deliver an integrated marketing and communications project targeting those groups and communities who most need and will most benefit from transformed primary care services.


To have a series of direct communications delivered to the residents of Islington, with a distribution level of over 95% of the borough. The rough approx residential addresses is 97, 000. The artwork/newsletter pertained to the below description:


  • Plain white A5 envelope with a two colour over print.
  • 150gsm


  • A5 4pp leaflet
  • Printed 4 colour process
  • 150gsm


To distribute to 95% of homes within Islington borough, including social and affluent apartment buildings.


Leaflet Distribution to be carried out early in the morning to utilise trade access. If trade access is unavailable, distributors were equipped with fire keys which enabled them to access buildings and apartments seamlessly.


Distribution was conducted on schedule with all 97,000 magazines delivered to residential homes across the borough.