How to design the perfect leaflet

  1. One of the most important things in a perfect leaflet design is a good title. You should make it attention grabbing, because you only have a few seconds to grab a person’s attention using your flyer!
  2. Why the perfect leaflet? Another important thing is the main theme. You should highlight the benefit of the leaflet.
  3. Write exactly what you offer at the very start: a summary of main points
  4. You should draw up a strategy to promote your leaflet: who will you send them to, which area will you do the leaflet drop, leave them in other businesses such as hairdressers, upload leaflet to your business facebook page. You need to consider your target market when drawing up a strategy.
  5. Tell people why you are better than your competitors. Promote your unique selling point
  6. Your leaflet must have a good professional design.
  7. Don’t write too much information. Be clear and concise. Also you can use words of excitement to draw the customer in
  8. Try to provide an incentive. Discount vouchers, promotion in-store can help you draw the customer in.
  9. Do not forget to put your contact details on the leaflet. Write your number, website, email and facebook page.
  10. Do not forget to include Images. They can say more than words and make you want to buy a product or use a service.
  11. Have a call to action. Example: log onto our website, spend £10 in-store and receive a free bag of crisp, discount lasts until...
  12. Your spelling must be correct. Check or get someone else to check it.
  13. Good quality print is something that your leaflet must have.
  14. The font size is essential. It must be readable. So, no less than 10.