Advantages of Leaflet Distribution

Nowadays there are plenty of ways to promote your business. We are used to thinking that TV and the Internet are the most efficient ones. But is that really so? Let’s take a look at leaflet distribution, a means of advertising that most people consider outdated and inefficient. Here are several advantages to prove them wrong.

  1. It’s cost-effective

Compared to pricey TV and newspaper ads that dig a hole in your wallet, leaflets don’t cost much to make. So hold onto that money you were planning to spend on another expensive advertisement and invest some in leaflets! You won’t be disappointed with the results.

  1. It’s targeted

You and only you decide who will see your leaflets. Sure, you may reach a bigger audience by airing your ad on TV or having it printed in a popular newspaper, but how many people will take interest in your product or services? With leaflets, you choose which audience you want to engage.

  1. Convenience for potential customers

Another big advantage of leaflet distribution is that it gives an opportunity for your audience to read through your leaflet at their own pace and at their own terms. This increases the chances of your ad really sinking in customers’ minds and, therefore, increases effectiveness of your promotional campaign.

  1. Information-packed

How much information you want on your leaflets is only for you to decide, not for the boundaries of other advertising means. Most of them leave you with very little space to describe what you are offering and that negatively impacts the results of the advertisement. With leaflet distribution, you are the boss.

  1. Something to hold on to

While we perceive most of the advertisements with our eyes or ears, it’s always nice to have something tangible in your hand, especially with the increasing trend of online ads. Also, this enables your target audience to read your leaflets long after they’ve been distributed, thereby increasing their lifespan.