Response Rates from Leaflet Distribution

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What exactly are response rates?

Response rates are how often people respond to your marketing or advertising campaign. For example, if you had a campaign of 100,000 leaflets and 1,000 people got back to you, this is a response rate of 1%. You need to remember that response rates will never be huge in comparison to your actual amount distributed. Out of all the different advertising mediums, leaflet distribution is viable for all types of businesses and is one of the most cost effective forms of marketing. Measuring your response rate with each different marketing strategy you use is vital in making sure that your money is well spent in the long run. Try and build spreadsheets to measure each advert and each leaflet drop and see which strategy gives you the largest amount of business, or return on interest.

Response rates can be the difference between having 1,000 trusted customers and 100 temporary customers. Each and every business runs directly through response rates and this is why we make sure to try and give you the largest response rate possible. We will do the best we possibly can in order to market your business directly where you ask us to!

*Key statistic – 89% of consumers remember receiving a door drop mailing more than any other marketing channel. Door to door distribution has a powerful place in people’s life as 45% of people keep leaflets on a pin board or in the kitchen draw for future use.


How do you measure response rate?

The response rate reflects the percentage of people who respond, therefore:

  • 2% is considered an average response
  • 1% is considered safer and more realistic

If you use a price offer instead of a free offer, you can most likely expect to see a lower response rate. Using a free offer is ideal as it allows people to skirt around investing, and it lets them try your product or service free of charge. If your service or product is good and the customer sees that it can benefit them then it should entice them into becoming returning customers.



Measuring your response rates is highly important in making sure you receive the best possible results you can.

‘9 in 10 people are happy to receive retail based unaddressed mail’.


For a good response rate you’ll need to plan a long term campaign which should be tailored around your budget. This enables your flyer to target the right audience on a regular basis with actionable flyers. As you know, door to door distribution has proven itself to be a popular means of advertising. Remember, 62% of people take NO ​notice of TV advertisements, the majority either mute or change the channel to avoid ads. By tapping into unused or unorthodox routes of marketing, such as consistent leafleting campaigns, you can turn your business around in a short amount of time. You should never expect to see an immediate and huge margin of progress, leafleting and flyering is an investment for the long-run, but that doesn’t mean that you won’t see short-term progress.


According to the DMA (Direct Marketing Association):

71% of consumers believe that free samples, coupons and offers are useful for finding a service to suit their needs. 48% of consumers actually visit the shop advertised, have requested extra information or bought a product.

  • The above tells you that, as we have stated, a free offer can entice customers to your business, which means if they find value in the service or product you offer, they will become returning and loyal customers in the long run.


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