What exactly are response rates? Response rates are how often people respond to your marketing or advertising campaign. For example, if you had a campaign of 100,000 leaflets and 1,000 people got back to you, this is a response rate of 1%. You need to remember that response rates will never be huge in comparison […]

Nowadays there are plenty of ways to promote your business. We are used to thinking that TV and the Internet are the most efficient ones. But is that really so? Let’s take a look at leaflet distribution, a means of advertising that most people consider outdated and inefficient. Here are several advantages to prove them […]

Door to door distribution has proven itself to be a popular means of advertising over the past few decades. In fact, the medium outperformed total UK advertising expenditure during the late 1990s. However, many clients nowadays still wonder whether it’s worth investing in this type of advertising. Of course, it’s cost-effective compared to other ways […]

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Role of advertising mail Alongside the advent of digital communications, advertising mail should now be a targeted, carefully-timed part of your brand’s multi-channel customer journey. Recent research into consumers’ relationship with mail has provided a number of important insights that are helpful for you to understand when defining your admail strategies and looking to deliver […]

What is Hand to Hand Distribution/Street Team Distribution ? How is hand to hand distribution performed? How is the street team form of distribution structured to work? Is it effective in terms of goods and services promotion and marketing? These are some of the questions that shall be answered in this article.   It is […]

Leaflets can be among the most efficient marketing strategies but the success of this kind of marketing depends mainly on how to create effective leaflet design. An effective leaflet design has to get hold of the recipient’s attention, make them interested in the product or service, and finally induce some action, whether that’s phoning a […]